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Figure Riko ABS PVC Iron Painted
 224.99 CAD TAX exc.
Figure 78 Ultimate Nipako-chan TOMYTEC Nendoroid Nipako Figurine
 53.99 CAD TAX exc.
Figure 687 Strike Witches 2 Phat! Nendoroid Mio Sakamoto Figurine
 74.99 CAD TAX exc.
Figure Aquamarine Anohana Chibi Menma Dress up PVC
 189.99 CAD TAX exc.
Figure 715 Izetta: The Last Witch Nendoroid Izetta Figurine
 56.99 CAD TAX exc.
Made in Abyss Nendoroid Reg
 103.60 CAD TAX exc.
Figure Nendoroid Underworld Rebel Lucy Figurine
 79.99 CAD TAX exc.